My Top 5 iPad Apps

I was talking with a friend about my iPad use the other day and in the course of the conversation I came up with a list of the apps I use most on the iPad. (this list is not ranked)


1) OneNote

I use OneNote on every computer and device I own. the iPad app is somewhat limited, but overall OneNote is the best digital notebook available in my opinion.

2) GoodReader

GoodReader seems to be without peer in the mobile and tablet world. It is the best PDF reader I’ve found, with amazing annotation functions, page spreads, left-to-right page scroll, and more. It also opens MS Word docs (read-only), images, and zip archives.

3) Bible

I use two Bible apps fairly heavily, the YouVersion and Olive Tree apps. Both offer many downloadable versions. YouVersion has more free versions available offline and has a cleaner interface, but Olive Tree has better search and left-to-right page scrolling. I think I use YouVersion a bit more than Olive Tree.

4) Flipboard

Flipboard is an amazing news reading app. it’s hard to explain, but it is something like a customizable digital magazine. Flipboard curates some streams based on subject or you can add any RSS feed, Twitter stream, or Google+ …um.. stream (or whatever it’s called).

5) iBooks

I dump EPUB books into iBooks which is a decent ereader.

Honorable Mentions

I didn’t include any of the built in apps, but I use the Safari browser and the Mail app a lot.

Gmail Struggles

I’m a pretty big fan of Gmail (yes, I know, the Gmail Man is reading my email), but I was having some problems this evening. I went to check my mail on my iPad and I got an error message saying “Cannot Access Mail” and saying the the username or password was incorrect.

I freaked out a little bit thinking maybe my account got hacked or something, but I was able to log in fine on the web.

I’m still not sure what the cause was, but I did find a fix; go to this site, enter your password, and fill out the captcha. Viola! you can IMAP your Gmail.

Thanks to shaheerk over at the Google support forums for this fix.


I know it’s been a while since I posted, but that is one benefit of having no readers; it doesn’t matter how long I go between posts.

Experiment: Can Gadgets Take the Place of a Real Computer?

I’ve started an involuntary experiment. I’m going to see this week how well an iPhone, an iPad, and a Droid Incredible replace a Core i5 ThinkPad.

The fan on my T410 went kaput (my sympathies to those who bought t410s last spring, it seems they had a bad batch of fans) on Saturday, so by the time I get my computer back I should have a good idea of how useful these gadgets are, or, rather how limited they are.

I can type fairly fast on my iPad, but not as fast as on my ThinkPad… I so far have put off doing any HTML coding and I’ll probably give in and do it on my desktop at work rather than attempt it on this.

Anyway, I’ll post later to let you know how it went.